UNI-STAT lla Temperture Controller


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  • UNI-STAT lla   Temperture Controller
 It is straight forward, easy to read, easy to use. 

                                         Made in America.

All functions accessible with simple switching no programming or
disassembly required to switch to COOL or HEAT mode, and vice-versa.
Bright 3-digit LED display easily seen in any light, even from a distance.
Plug-in, replaceable temperature probe, with 8’ cable.
Operates to maintain selected set-point within +/- 1° differential most
others average above (for cooling) or below (for heating) set-point, not
around it as it should, for accuracy of desired temperature control.
No power cord needed, simply plugs directly into the 120V outlet.
Unique switch-selectable 50% Duty Cycle feature, for more precise
control and energy saving by reducing “overshoot” cooling or heating
(think of watering your lawn with timed on-off cycling to avoid wasted
run-off, with maximum water absorption).
Adjustable range of 10 220°F, with 1° set-point accuracy.
Visual temperature alarm, automatically adjusted with set-point
adjustment no need to program.
Automatic sensor fault detection and shut-off.
Designed and produced in the USA, with full 3-Year Warranty.