Rental Equipment $15.00-$55.00 per Day


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We rent Jockey Boxes (1-2 Taps)

Grape Crushers 

Wine Presses

All rentals are 24 hrs.   

Call Shop for Reservations  925-875-0246

Double Jockey Box $45.00

Double Jockey Box w/Co2 and Regulator $55.00

Single Jockey Box $35.00

Single Jockey Box w/Co2 and Regulator $45.00

Electric Grape Crusher/Destemmer  $50.00

Small Hand Crank Crusher (does NOT destem) $30.00

Grape Press......Small (25lb capacity) $ Medium (35 lb capacity) and Large  $30-$50.00

Bottle Filler (3 bottles at a time) $30.00

Wine Filter $25.00

Floor Corker (Wine and Belgian Bottles) $15.00