Hallertau Hersbrucker (GR), pellet 2 oz


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  • Hallertau Hersbrucker (GR), pellet 2 oz

 Traditionally a superior German aroma hop. Grown in the Halletau region but also in Spalt, Hersburck and Mitterfruh. It is considered a good to very good aroma hop, pleasant and hoppy with a mild to semi-strong aroma. It can add a pungent spicyness when used as a bittering hop. Excellent flavor. Alpha: 3.5-5.5%. 

This is a traditional German hop widely used in many beer styles including Lager, Bock, Weizen, Belgian Ales, Kolsch, and Helles. A hop suitable for flavor and aroma with an exceptionally pleasant spicy aroma and a refined finish. Also a good hop to use for American lagers and light ales. A good substitute for Mt Hood or French Strisselspalt.
 Noble hop

2 oz