GrainFather, 5 Gallon all grain brewing system


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  • GrainFather, 5 Gallon all grain brewing system

What can we say? This system has turning Jade into an all grain brewer after 5 years of Extract. This is a straight forward 5 gallon all grain brewing system with about a 16 inch footprint. Perfect for limited space. Just needs to be by an electrical outlet and a water source. When done it will fit into a hall closet. Hardest part is this system is putting it together and the guys here finished mine in 30 minutes.

Electric, Pump enclosed in system, Counter-flow wort Chiller included.   putting together    making beer    cleaning

 First time brewing on this was a five gallon IPA that turned out great. Second time I was determined to break it. 18 lbs of grain and 1 lb of rice hulls. Got all the grain in, most of the rice hulls. I think I had just a little too much strike water. Anyhoo, I have made 8 gallons of high gravity wheat beer then split at fermentation and added water for 10 gallons. The Grainfather just sailed right through. Loving this system.