Liquid Foam Control, 2 oz


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This is very interesting stuff and it really works. You add it to your wort along with the yeast and it keeps the foam head formed during fermentation from ever getting more than 1/2" thick. Why is this useful? It lets you increase the capacity of your fermenter and stops losses (and messes) due to beer being blown off.

You can now safely ferment almost 5 gallons of wort in a 5 gallon carboy with just a stopper and an airlock - no blow-off tube is required. Now you might think that this will cause your beer's head to be lost as well. Believe it or not, exactly the opposite is true. Why? More head-forming compounds are retained in the beer and not lost during fermentation, hence they are available to make a head in the glass (Foam Control will have lost its effectiveness and settled out by then). Completely non-toxic and safe - approved for use in commercial beer (microbrewers - ask us about larger sizes). Requires just 1 teaspoon for a five gallon batch.

Also very useful in your kettle to help prevent boil overs. We use it in every batch we brew.