BTF Iodophor


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 When used in the recommended dilution (1 oz in 5 gallons) it is the safest and fastest sanitizer we know of, requiring only five minutes of contact time. Unlike chlorine, it does not need to be rinsed since it is odorless and tasteless and will not combine with beer to produce off-flavors (like chlorine). (However, we do recommend air-drying bottles due to the relatively high ratio of surface area to volume as compared to a fermenter.) It is perfectly safe for all brewery materials including stainless steel. It leaves no residue when air-dried. It also has a "built-in" strength indicator. As long as the solution is a light amber, it still has sanitizing power. When the solution is clear, it needs to be replaced. Please note...this will stain white counters or sinks.

4 ozs $5.25

32 oz $22.50