Beer & Wine Yeast

There are two types of yeast on the market: liquid (or pure culture) yeasts and dry yeasts. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Dry yeast is less expensive, convenient, hardy and does not require a starter. We carry several different types of dry yeast that have performed remarkably well for us, and we can recommend them without hesitation.

Liquid yeasts are pure cultures or blends of pure cultures and come in an extremely wide range of choices allowing a lot of possibilities when it comes to affecting the flavor profile of your beer. They have lower shelf life, usually 4-6 mths. depending on the manufacturer.

The Wyeast ACTIVATOR yeast has 100 billion cells for a better shelf life, shipping capability, quicker & longer fermentation. The  ACTIVATOR smack-pack is the only package design that allows you to activate the yeast prior to using. The nutrient pack contains a full spectrum of free amino nitrogen, malt sugars, and micro nutrients necessary for a healthy, complete fermentation.

White Labs Inc. Pure Yeast and Fermentation team members have been active in the American and worldwide craft brewing movements since the 1980s.


Premium Yeast for Premium Wines

Some of the world’s best winemakers trust Lalvin dry yeast to bring out the best in their wines. 
Through a specialized manufacturing process, Lalvin yeast is brought to peak condition 
for use in winemaking applications, then quickly stabilized by removing most of
the moisture content. This allows Lalvin dry yeast to stay active through storage 
until it is rehydrated and pitched, ready to start the fermentation process.

We also ship your liquid yeast with an ice pack to keep it fresh. Ice packs are no charge. 

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