Malt Extracts (LME) & (DME)

Briess malt extracts are produced in a fully automated, state-of-the-art 500-barrel brewhouse. Located in Chilton, Wisconsin, our Irish Road Extract Plant is fed a continuous diet of freshly produced Briess Malt. This uniquely qualifies Briess as the only vertically integrated malting company in North America. And that means we have total quality control—from beginning to end.

Briess CBW® malt extracts are 100% pure, brewer's grade malt extracts. What makes them brewer's grade? The most distinguishing characteristic is a high degree of fermentability and FAN. Briess malt extracts deliver both.

These characteristics can only be achieved in a brewhouse-style extraction process, as opposed to other styles of extraction processes. At Briess, we employ multiple step infusion brewing to develop high levels of fermentability and FAN. Then, we concentrate the wort to about 80% solids using gentle vacuum evaporation. The lower temperatures employed during this evaporation process lessen the color development in the finished extract.

Unhopped and nondiastatic, CBW® pure malt extracts are exceptionally full flavored and consistent. They're also fresh because we produce and ship them from America's Heartland, not some foreign port.

There are many different brands of malt extracts on the market, and some are of better quality than others, we carry Briess. At HopTech we have narrowed the field down to those extracts which are of superior quality.  All of our liquid extracts are stored under nitrogen and poured fresh from 55 gallon drums per your order. The liquid extracts are packed in a small plastic bucket that holds up to 12 pounds. It is extremely easy to get the extract out of the buckets (since it can be easily dipped in the hot brewing water). The buckets can be easily resealed if you only want to use part of the contents and when empty is useful for many other purposes. 

Some brewers prefer to use dry malt extracts (commonly called DME). They are more easily measured than liquid, but tend to have a higher dextrin content and darker color than the liquids due to the extra drying involved. They can also be sensitive to moisture pickup, which causes them to cake easily. The easiest way to dissolve them in your kettle is to use a kitchen whisk. Dry malt extracts are dried by a special process that creates a granular texture (similar to table sugar) as compared to the powdery texture of most other extracts. This reduces the tendency to pick up water and to cake, and if kept sealed will last much, much longer than others.

We also carry Briess Unhopped Canned 3.3 lb liquid Extracts for a wider variety of flavors!


Muntons range of unhopped canned malt extracts for the home beer making market are made exclusively from the finest English 2 row barley. They are produced by the aqueous extraction of sugars from malted barley and are subsequently concentrated into a viscous syrup. They are a valuable source of fermentable sugars, provide natural colouring and impart their traditional rich malty flavour.

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