Columbus IPA


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 This kit makes a strong, hoppy IPA (India Pale Ale) and has a unique hop character from Columbus hops (hence the name).  It has an OG of 1.064 to 1.066, about 50 IBUs of bitterness and an amber color. It will typically contain around 6% ABV. This beer has been a favorite at the Pub, being originally introduced as their 1994 Holiday IPA. It won a Silver Medal at the GABF.

Requires a grain bag.

Difficulty: Intermediate

HopTech is pleased to be able to offer the homebrewer an exclusive line of kits based on the award winning beers from Pacific Coast Brewing Co. All the kits were designed by former Pacific Coast Brewmaster Don Gortemiller and are 5 gallon versions of the same recipes used to brew his famous beers. Now you can brew the same beers at home, using the identical ingredients, that have won medal after medal at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). If you're ever in the Oakland area, be sure and stop by the pub to sample not only some great beers but some great food as well.

$41.70 with liquid yeast

$36.45 with dry yeast