Green Bullet, (NZ), pellet 2 oz


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  • Green Bullet, (NZ), pellet 2 oz

 Used extensively as a utility brewhouse workhorse and found in several brewing locations internationally. A multi award winner and New Zealand pedigree that is well suited to premium lagers in the mainstream, and works well when included with finishing varieties such as Fuggle and Willamette.  Although a new variety in relative terms, Green Bullet delivers a very real, traditional bittering quality and hop flavour. A flagship within the New Zealand brewing industry this hop has contributed to several International Brewing Industry Awards.  Considered a bittering variety typically for Lager, Green Bullet also carries a solid Styrian characteristic of subtle spiciness which finds it at home in a freshly drawn pint of Bitter or an Irish-style Dry Stout.

Current AA 13%

2 oz