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The hop plant itself consists of 4 major components: The crown which consists of the roots and rhizomes, the central stem known as the bine or vine, the leaves and the flowers or hop cones. The rhizome of the hop plant is an underground stem that stays in the ground from year-to-year and is the real perennial part of the plant.

Keep them in the package in the refrigerator until ready to plant, but you should get them in the ground as soon as possible. Hops like a southern exposure, but eastern or western will work, the plants just won’t grow as well. Prepare your soil with mulch and slow release fertilizer to at least one foot in depth. It should have good drainage. If it doesn’t, prepare an 18” “mound” of good soil instead of planting directly in the ground. Plant the rhizome horizontally in a shallow trench about one inch below the surface or vertically with the bud (looks like a bulge) side up. Water well, but don’t drown them. A drip irrigation system is best. Once the vines are about 12” long, you’ll need to train them clockwise up a twine about 12-18 feet high. The twine is staked to the ground and the upper end is attached to trellis which can be supported in a variety of methods - poles, the side of your house etc. Remember that the vine part of the plant dies each year and will need to be removed before you plan on training them on a permanent structure like a chain link fence. Vines should be planted 3-4 feet apart. Harvest your hop cones when they change from a leathery feel to a papery feel. Dry them thoroughly before use and storage. Dry them in a thin layer on a screen in a warm, breeze-free space, or use a food dehydrator. They are dry when the strig (the stem inside the cone) snaps when bent.


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