Iso Alpha Extract, 2 oz


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This extract contains pure iso-alpha acids, which can be added to beer at any stage (post fermentation is best) to add up to 50% of its bitterness. (Not recommended for bittering your beer entirely since there are secondary benefits from wort boiling with hops.) However, our Iso-Alpha extract is useful for correcting an under-bittered beer and also for training yourself to judge bitterness levels.The Iso-Alpha extract can be added at any stage of brewing, but best utilization will occur if added just prior to bottling or to the serving keg. Simply add 1/8th of a teaspoon to 5 gallons of beer for each single IBU you want. Supplied in a 2 oz bottle with a dispensing cap, enough to add 16 IBUs to 30 gallons of beer.

I used to homebrew from the early 90s through the late 90s.  Won a few awards in Austin, TX.
Anyway, found out I was Celiac a few years ago.  My favorite beers were northern German Pils.  None of the gluten free beers available here are very happening.
Here's what we came up with in the Omission lager so far.  3 drops Iso, which, using your chart for drops per 1/8tsp gets us to approx 29 IBU. and 2 drops Hersbrucker to get a Euro aroma and mask the not so great malt aroma of the beer.  
My wife tasted mine and said "now this is good!" and had to have one for herself.
Thanks again and cheers!
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