Hop Oils (Bitter and Aroma)

 For years, hop processors have been extracting the "goods" from hops with a variety of methods. Oils (containing the hop aroma) have been extracted with steam distillation and both oils and alpha acids have been extracted with nasty solvents such as hexane and methylene chloride. These create problems: The heat of steam distillation changes the hop aroma profile, so you can't use steam distilled hop oils for a true fresh hop aroma. And in order to remove the solvent, they have to heat it, again changing the aroma. There are also concerns that some solvent remains. 

CO2 has been used to extract oils and alpha acids, with none of these problems. All of HopTech's hop oils and extracts are made with a CO2 extraction process. All of our oils and extracts come with complete instructions for use, and methods for conducting taste tests using small quantities of beer (like 12 ozs) before addition to the whole batch.

Hop Oil is used to produce the same effect as dry hopping. Hop Oil imparts only a fresh hop aroma to the beer, no bitterness or "late hop character". Hop Oil is an attractive alternative because it is easy to use, repeatable and takes less time (dry hopping can take up to two weeks for the hop aroma to diffuse in the beer). Hop Oil used to be hard to use, requiring micro-syringes, ethanol and laboratory precision. But HopTech's exclusive, water-based (no alcohol!) formulation makes it easy! Simply add 1 teaspoon to five gallons of beer for each part-per-million (ppm) of hop oil you want in the beer. Typical rates are between 1 and 3 ppm. Supplied in 2 oz. bottles with a convenient dispensing cap, enough for 30 gallons of beer at 2 ppm.

We also sell Iso Hop which is the bittering. Also CO2 Extracted this is just liquid bitterness.