Grain and Adjuncts

HopTech stocks what we feel is the best selection of malts and grains. They are available by the pound and some in 50/55 lb sacks. While we recommend you buy all your malts uncrushed and crush them fresh yourself, we will be glad to crush them for you at no extra charge (make sure you tell us when you order).  When you buy grains from us we DO NOT charge for crushing. There well be a $5 charge if you buy your grains elsewhere and ask us to crush for you.

Our Featured Grain Suppliers

Great Western: Great Western has one of the best pale 2-Row malts around and we sell more of this malt than any other. It is the same malt used by Anchor, Sierra Nevada, Mendocino and virtually every other West Coast microbrewery. They also supply our White Winter Wheat malts!

Gambrinus: We were the first mail order homebrew supplier to feature Gambrinus Malts. Gambrinus is a small maltster in Canada.  Makes a unique Honey Malt.

Hugh Baird: Located in the UK, Hugh Baird Malting Co. is one of the world's best suppliers of specialty malts and authentic 2-Row British Pale Ale malt.

Mouterij Dingemans: Formerly the famous Belgian maltster DeWolf-Cosyns has a well deserved reputation for supplying some of the world's finest malt. We carry their entire line of specialty malts.

Weyermann®: A top German maltster. We're carrying their Beechwood Smoked malts and Specialty malts.

Briess:  Our supplier for Extract malts and Grains. US Malter.

Best Maltz: 

Headquartered in Heidelberg, Best Malz malt houses are located in the best cultivation areas for growing brewer’s grade barley in Europe – Niedersachsen, Rheinhessen, Rheinland-Pfalz and Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Best uses only pure, top-grade, two-row spring barley which they personally choose from co-op farms in their growing region. All of their barley and wheat is grown under controlled organic methods, based on the most modern agricultural regiment with the goal of fulfilling your specific demands for quality.


Malteries Franco-Belges (MFB) is a division of the Soufflet Group, one of France’s leading grain companies. Their combined output of over one billion pounds of malt annually makes them the largest maltster in France, ensuring brewers a consistently fresh supply of malt.

MFB oversees the entire malting process from the selection of seed to the delivery of malt to their brewery customers and wholesalers. Specific barley types are identified for each finished malt type early on and are carefully treated to preserve the character of the breed throughout the malting process.

All of MFB’s base malts are made from highly modified premium two-row French spring or winter barley and wheat. Caramelized and roasted malts are made from six-row barley or wheat carefully selected from the growing fields of France to ensure maximum aroma and taste.